After many years of successful business, we established many contacts and equipped large number of facilities in Montenegro and abroad. The best guarantee of our successful business is our numerous satisfied clients.
Some of them are as follows:
Martines doo , Podgorica
Ðurkovic company , Nikšic
GradskakafanaZarubica , Nikšic 
Niksen trade , Nikšic
Mesopromet , BijeloPolje
Goranovic , Nikšic
Kings , Podgorica
Rotor , Tivat
Krisma trade , Podgorica
Solaris , Ulcinj
Kalamper , Bar
Pulena , Bar
Nais , Žabljak
Kula , Plav
... and many more

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Refrigerating showcase Frigo star Refrigerating showcase Frigo star
Bars / tap-rooms Bars / tap-rooms
Open refrigerating showcase Open refrigerating showcase
Thermal line Thermal line
Hot showcase Salas Hot showcase Salas